Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This year's top male

I'm calling him Obama
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suzihussein22 said...

Hi. I hope you and Obama are doing well. My grandparents kept a couple of squirrels for 4 yrs. They lived outside most of the time and had free run of one of the sheds. The squirrels, that is.;) This was before I came along though. Your treehouse looks good, btw.

ed iglehart said...

Perhaps folk who wish to exchange information might choose to do so here?


The_Forfarian said...

As referenced on the BBC 'Blether with Brian' blog:

"A Constitution for a Free Scotland" (September 2002)

(TinyURL link)

ed iglehart said...

Thanks Forfarian!

Now available at this URL


subrosa said...

Lovely pict Ed. I've 3 visit my garden and have done for years. Usually its 2 but this year 3. I lost a Scots pine last summer and thought that would be the end of them but thankfully not.

suzihussein22 said...

Now that an annoying dog has disappeared(don't get me wrong, I love animals), we've got squirrels and rabbits again. I had a squirrel do an Abbott and Costello on me last week. He/she couldn't figure out which way to dart to get out of the road.