Saturday, August 15, 2009


After two days' worth of rain, Taliesin is in spate.
Some pictures of the flow in the new pondworks:

Enjoy the show from the comfort of a dry chair!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Digging in

New pondworks at Taliesin
The creation of enhanced trout (and other) habitat involves diverting a small portion of our main burn's flow through a series of deepish pools and small ponds before allowing the flow to spread over a lower meadow on its way to rejoin the original course of the burn.

We've recently been having great fun with a large digger - gardening with hydraulics in both senses of the word - A project of Southwest Community Woodlands Trust

The high banks are provided in the hope of eventually being colonised by sand martins, and we have the good fortune of being advised in this matter by one of the recognised experts in the behaviour of the species, the Sand Martin Trust

We also hope to attract native trout and perhaps other aquatic life to add to the varieties already present on the site.

Taliesin - Whitehill Muir, to give it its proper name - is an ancient woodland site replanted by Southwest Community Woodlands Trust. As part of the trust's activities it runs courses on traditional timberworking skills, and both structures in the pictures here
- the log cabin on the right and the cruck-frame on left - were built on such courses, as was the Loo with a View!