Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sleeping Smooth

A couple of views of the new treehouse with canvas cover contrived out of secondhand marquee canvas.
Sides can be swept up or pinned down, depending upon weather, and back curtain can be easily lowered to give a window on the sunset.

A 'new' bed, contrived from reclaimed timber and a good futon reclaimed from someone who wanted a softer bed. It was beautifully comfortable last night (26/7 Feb).

Added March 1st, after a wonderfully stormy night. It was wonderful, and, so long as the wind doesn't come from the East (it hasn't yet), BRING IT ON!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Global Warming in an early Spring

Early Spring yet again? Wild Narcissae in woodland litter Feb 18th, 2007
And some more for context.
And, some of the romneys as requested. Sadly, they wouldn't consent to being photographed while riding the quad bike...
And one of my favourite (among many) rocky outcrops on the honorary stockman's rounds.
And an old friend. Sometime soon I'll post a picture taken looking up from the centre. It's around 200 years or older and is shaped to its hillside for minimum wind resistance (or maximum survivability).