Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sleeping Smooth

A couple of views of the new treehouse with canvas cover contrived out of secondhand marquee canvas.
Sides can be swept up or pinned down, depending upon weather, and back curtain can be easily lowered to give a window on the sunset.

A 'new' bed, contrived from reclaimed timber and a good futon reclaimed from someone who wanted a softer bed. It was beautifully comfortable last night (26/7 Feb).

Added March 1st, after a wonderfully stormy night. It was wonderful, and, so long as the wind doesn't come from the East (it hasn't yet), BRING IT ON!!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a good view from the treehouse? Are you worried at all about tress or branches falling on you in the high wind? Take care!


ed iglehart said...

Hi GM,

The view is more or less the one at the bottom of the blog. It's actually pictured in an earlier posting "a new treehouse?"
Nice to see you just now chez Jonnie's

G&R said...

Love the treehouse. I have a friend
who lived for a year in a yurt in
Alaska with his dog.

Hopefully, you'll find it easier to
keep warm with your arrangement!