Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This year's top male

I'm calling him Obama
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suzihussein22 said...

Hi. I hope you and Obama are doing well. My grandparents kept a couple of squirrels for 4 yrs. They lived outside most of the time and had free run of one of the sheds. The squirrels, that is.;) This was before I came along though. Your treehouse looks good, btw.

ed iglehart said...

Perhaps folk who wish to exchange information might choose to do so here?


Anonymous said...

As referenced on the BBC 'Blether with Brian' blog:

"A Constitution for a Free Scotland" (September 2002)

(TinyURL link)

ed iglehart said...

Thanks Forfarian!

Now available at this URL


subrosa said...

Lovely pict Ed. I've 3 visit my garden and have done for years. Usually its 2 but this year 3. I lost a Scots pine last summer and thought that would be the end of them but thankfully not.

suzihussein22 said...

Now that an annoying dog has disappeared(don't get me wrong, I love animals), we've got squirrels and rabbits again. I had a squirrel do an Abbott and Costello on me last week. He/she couldn't figure out which way to dart to get out of the road.